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If you’re new to Bog-haunter, I recommend starting at the beginning of the comic. If you forget who someone is, you might find the cast of characters useful, and if you get lost, you can check out the map.

About the Author

Mary Thaler, Boghaunter, writer, comic
Photo by Lindsay Müller

Mary Thaler is a writer, zine-maker and environmental microbiologist living in Quebec City. As well as making comics about insects, she is currently revising the manuscript of a historical novel that draws on her experiences as a scientist in the Arctic. You can find other writing by Mary, including short stories, reviews, and a video-blog, by visiting her personal website at marythaler.wordpress.com.

About the Translator

artist: khleuasma

A PhD. student in philosophy and Islamic studies, and passionate about writing and languages, Pauline Froissart has Belgian roots and a Québecois heart. She was very young when the comic bug—a mania that attacks both young and old in her native Belgium—struck her too, thanks to a father who was generous enough to share his precious comic books with his voracious daughters.

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