Cast of Characters/Personnages

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Age: 15

Charis is in her last year of training before she can join an elite aerial combat squadron—just like her beloved older brother Odo. She visits her naiad every day, eager for the moment when it will metamorphose into a fearsome dragonfly steed. But before she can achieve her dream, she’ll have to contend with some murky family secrets, and come face to face with the ugly realities of a society at war.


Age: 22

Odo was heartbroken by the death of his beloved dragonfly last autumn. Now he has to get used to riding a half-feral Green Darner, while somehow surviving the attacks of deadly wasps and watching out for his little sister Charis—whether she wants it or not!


Age: 44

The mother of Odo and Charis, Myriales is a scientist and a former dragonfly-rider who raised her children to be as tough as she is. But as the war with the wasps enters a new and deadly phase, Myriales hatches a secret plan to make her family safe once and for all.


Age: 15

Orphaned in the war, but very capable of taking care of himself, Gee is Charis’s classmate, and her best friend. He’s sure she would be happier if she could follow his own philosophy for dangerous times: enjoy life, and don’t think too much about tomorrow.


Age: 21

Sawtooth has paid her dues and proven herself in combat. She no longer feels any obligation to be nice or polite—or even to follow the rules if she doesn’t feel like it.


Age: 17

Alder joined the aerial combat division because it was the best way to pursue her passion for studying dragonflies. It’s dangerous, but worth it—if only the younger cadets weren’t annoying her by getting constantly underfoot.

The General

Age: 56

Since the General married Myriales as a young dragonfly-rider, the two of them have steered the war effort against the wasps. But the time is coming when they will have to reckon with the price of victory.